Fjord Nansen Are Miesten aluspaita musta

Fjord Nansen Are Miesten aluspaita musta
Kategoriat: Vaatteet, Kerrastot
Brand: Fjord Nansen
39.9 EUR

Thermoactive underwear is basics! ARE T-shirt is made of moisture-draining material. The content of ionic silver provides antimicrobial protection. Made of SUPER-DRY DUAL material Moisture-draining material keeps the right temperature of you body Ribbing-Dry® system Faster moisture-draining in places most exposed to perspiration, thanks to the unique Net-Perspirant® mesh (including the neck and armpits) No side seams - increases comfort and fits to the body The content of ionic silver provides antimicrobial protection Fabric: 50% Polyamide, 45% Polypropylene, 5% Elastane Material:SUPER-DRY DUAL - the material from which the two-layer underwear winter-spring is made of with a very high coefficient of breathability. In addition, through the use of silver ions it is limited by the process of the formation of unpleasant odors. No side seams improve comfort and appearance of underwear. Extremely fast evaporation of moisture is achieved by a 2-layer structure of the material: Inner layer (hydrophobic) - wicks moisture away from the skin, transporting it to the second layer. This results in allowing the first layer in a dry form, providing adequate thermals. Tests showed several seconds of transport drops of water between the layers. The outer layer (hydrophilic) - draws moisture from the first layer and spread it to the outer surface of multiplying drying surface, thereby greatly reducing the evaporation time.