Fjord Nansen Mountain Kevlar vaellussukka 35-38

Fjord Nansen Mountain Kevlar vaellussukka 35-38
Kategoriat: Vaatteet, Sukat
Brand: Fjord Nansen
12.9 EUR

Long woolen socks with Kevlar - designed for use in harsh environments. The use of Kevlar increases the strength of socks to damage and abrasion. The material of the structure is not conducive to bacterial growth. Material: 35% wool, 35% polyacrylic, 12% Coolmax, 11% Prolen Siltex, 4% Kevlar, 3% Lycra Materials:Coolmax® - fiber developed by DuPont, wicks moisture and heat away from the body to the surface of the sock. Prevents thus overheating of the foot and provides a pleasant sensation of dryness Lycra® - fiber “memory” causes soft adhesion sock to the foot and thus improves convenience Poliakryl (PAN) - thick synthetic fiber, pleasant to the touch, which is perfect for cold winter days (it has similar properties to wool). It is characterized by an extraordinary lightness. Clothes made of polyacrylic is durable, resistant to wear and easy to care for Kevlar - fiber provides high durability socks in the most exposed to damage and abrasion, such as the heel and toes System Stop-Bacteria: Prolen® Siltex fiber with antibacterial properties, based on silver ions biogenic inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Reduce odor and provide all-day comfort. They are harmless to humans and the environment Merino wool - natural wool, thinner than the conventional, having a high softness and fluffiness. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-static. It has a thermo-active properties - when it’s cold retains heat, and when it is hot can cool off