Vango retkikeitin
Brand: Vango
40 EUR

The Vango Folding Gas Stove is ideal for longer expeditions and larger pots. With a wider flame, the stove ensures your food can be cooked quickly and more evenly, ensuring a delicious, warm meal after a long day’s trek. Also featuring a flexible fireproof gas pipe for added safety and capable of boiling 1L of water in around 5 minutes; perfect for trekking or campsites. Power 2600W Boils 1L of water in 5 minutes Foldable to Compact Size - Easy storage and transport Ideal for large pots - Very stable and close to ground Storage box Gas canisters - Screw on butane propane mix Approximate burn times: 110g - 35mins, 230g - 75mins, 450g - 145mins